About Capsulogy

The idea behind Capsulogy was to keep track of all those different flavours hidden inside the fast-growing offer of the Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules. Originally, we just wanted to remember ourselves which coffee tastes great, which is exceptional, surprising, merely fine or in some way underperforming.

However, with the growing selection of capsules we bought locally, brought from our travels or ordered online, we think that it is not only us who could benefit from our collection of tasting notes. So, we’re now bringing you our impressions of the coffee capsules from various producers as we buy them and try them.

Please remember, we’re just a pair of independent coffee lowers who regard capsules as one of the great methods how to make a cup of good coffee. We don’t mean to enter all those discussions about which coffee making method is superior. We equally love our morning filtered coffee cups, lunch-time espressos out in the town, cold brews in the summer heat and hot&sweet ca phe sua nong (strong Vietnamese coffee over sweet condensed milk) during long winter afternoons. We also don’t want to enter discussions about the ecological challenges posed by an apparently large amount of waste coffee capsules cause. These challenges are already being addressed by producers offering biodegradable capsules or recycling of the aluminium capsules.

We just want to offer you our personal, and thus by definition subjective, insight into the world of the coffee hidden in capsules. We promise to try to deliver a steady stream of posts as we keep drinking our coffee.