About our equipment

After using our reliable Krups U Nespresso® machine for some time we switched to De’Longhi Pixie Nespresso® machine in 2018. In 2019, we added Krups Essenza Plus Nespresso® coffee maker to our equipment, so we are now testing all capsules on both machines. Moreover, we’ve recently purchased Opal One capsule coffee maker, which we will also use to assess the quality and reliability of the Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Of course, you may own other Nespresso® machines. Therefore, we have to rely on the fact that all of them can be expected to deliver the same extraction process and coffee quality.

Our nosing glassWe keep our machines properly cleaned and descaled and we use good-quality (filtered) brewing water. Moreover, to better assess the aroma of the coffee, we use a type of whiskey nosing glass with sufficiently thick walls to withstand the heat.