About tasting

For each tasting, we use freshly filtered water. We warm up our nosing glasses by an empty run of the coffee machine. By the same process, we clean the machine between individual brewings. Depending on recommendations from individual producers, we make espressos with either 40 ml or 25 ml of brewed coffee. We taste these espressos without any milk or sugar.

Both of us tastes the coffee individually. We compare our impressions and tasting notes only after we had enjoyed our espressos. We follow up each tasting with a few more rounds of the same coffee on different days. This allows us to evaluate our first impressions and to compare the tasting notes from different days. That increases our consistency because the taste of coffee can be affected by many things, like the mood, the time of the day or the food and drink that one has before drinking coffee.

However, we are not coffee trade professionals or trained tasters. Therefore, we do not aim to offer you definite conclusions about each tasted coffee. Coffee drinking preferences are indeed very individual. At Capsulogy.com, we want to simply share with you our experiences and personal opinions about individual capsules. Moreover, we want to inspire you in your own discoveries of the great coffee hidden in capsules from the ever-growing number of producers.