Albert Heijn Excellent – Originale and Colombia

Originale and Colombia by Albert Heijn Excellent

Both Originale and Colombia capsules by Albert Heijn Excellent have well design packaging but make rather underwhelming coffee.


Originale has fruity acidity with light floral notes. Colombia has dark roast bitterness and hints of malt sweetness. Both are, however, rather sharp and not well balanced.


Originale starts with unbalanced bitterness followed by sharply intense fruity acidity. Colombia has an acidic start followed by the intense bitterness of burnt coffee.


Mostly standard with some fluctuations in the pressure and flow rate. Crema is OK.


The packaging is minimalist with inventive graphics both outside and inside the box. Capsules are made of colourful plastic topped with aluminium foil. This makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Both capsules have intensity rating 6.


While the thoughtful design of boxes holds a good promise for these Alber Heijn supermarket own-brand capsules, the coffee they produce is rather underwhelming.

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