Nespresso – Aged Sumatra

An espresso with an intensely earthy aroma with notes of molasses, green walnuts, wood and smoke. The taste offers bitterness, sweetness and complex flavours of Pu’er teas.

Colonna – Rimiro Natural, Burundi

A naturally processed, single-origin espresso with a cake-like aroma combining sweet pears and peaches with cocoa and cinnamon. The taste brings notes of peaches, tropical fruits and dark chocolate.

Colonna – Chirinos, Peru

A modern, complex espresso with a mellow aroma of cereals and pears and a taste of juicy apples, sweet pears and bitter cocoa and grapefruits.

Nespresso – Tribute to Milano

Intense aroma of this espresso combines caramel sweetness, fragrant spices, pears, nuts and dark-roast bitterness. The taste is dominated by bitterness.

Nespresso – Tribute to Trieste

An Italian-style espresso with an aroma offering creamy sweetness, gingerbread spices and dark-roast bitterness. The taste is primarily bitter.

L’Or Espresso – Guatemala

Single-origin Guatemalan coffee with a pleasant aroma of sugary sweetness, cinnamon, oak and cherries. The taste brings dark-roast bitterness and the dry acidity of apple cider.

Colonna – El Mirador, El Salvador

A single-origin espresso from El Salvador with a sweet, creamy aroma of caramel and milk chocolate and a taste with notes of burnt toffee, sour cherries and dark chocolate.

L’Or Espresso – Colombia

A single-origin espresso with a pleasant aroma of toffee and cake, enriched by vanilla and cinnamon. The taste brings a dark-roast bitterness throughout.

Colonna – Sasaba, Ethiopia

An excellent, modern espresso with a mellow aroma combines creamy sweetness with notes of cherries and a hint of spices. The taste is complex with notes of zest, sweet cherries and cocoa.

Colonna – San Rafael COE, Guatemala

An espresso with a mild aroma offering creamy sweetness, nutty notes and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines cocoa bitterness, winey acidity and a dry finish.

Colonna – Sitio Pirapitinga, Brazil

An excellent espresso with a mellow aroma bringing creamy sweetness and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines stewed berries and baked apples with cocoa bitterness and toffee sweetness.

Nespresso – Cafezinho do Brasil

A darkly-roasted espresso with an aroma bringing intense bitterness, mellow toffee and distinct roasted notes. The taste is bitter and smokey.

Colonna – Don Sabino, Costa Rica

A superb, modern with intense and well-balanced aroma with notes of chocolate, sweet figs, fresh cherries, baked apples and oriental spices. The taste brings fresh limes, oranges and berries, mellow sweetness and a cocoa finish.

Nespresso – Arpeggio Decaffeinato

A ‘decaf’ espresso with a well-balanced aroma of caramel, cocoa and almonds and an intense taste combining cocoa and almonds bitterness, toffee and red berries.

Café Royal – Honduras

A single-origin Honduran coffee with a mild aroma of cereals, milk chocolate and cocoa and a taste combining creamy sweetness and dry, cocoa bitterness.

Tegut – Espresso

An espresso that is sharp and heavy on the nose and harshly bitter on the palate. These are clear signs of strong oxidation.

Belmio – Allegro

An espresso with an aroma of milk chocolate, sweet fruits, walnuts and cinnamon. Its taste offers chocolate sweetness, cocoa bitterness and apple acidity.

Café Royal – Schüümli

Coffee with a mild, sweet aroma of cereals and caramel and a taste balancing cocoa and almond bitterness with fruity sweetness

Belmio – Verde

Complex coffee with an aroma of sweet pears, toffee, wood and spices. The taste brings intense citrus, dark roast and burnt toffee.

Belmio – Oro

An intense espresso with an aroma of sour cherries, caramel and almonds and a rich taste offering fruity acidity, cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Jones Brothers – Zen

An excellent decaf espresso with sweet aroma of velvety chocolate, honey, creamy caramel and cherries. The taste balances the sweet acidity of red berries with the mild bitterness of dark chocolate.

Caffè Nero – Classico

A well-balanced espresso with aroma combining the sweetness of cereals and milk chocolate with notes of cherries and spices. The taste is pleasantly sweet and chocolatey.