Café Royal – Espresso 100% bio/organic

Espresso 100% bio/organic by Café Royal

Espresso 100% bio/organic by Café Royal  is a rich espresso with an intense taste of darkly roasted coffee and heavier, sweet aromas.


Deep sweetness of dark chocolate, pears and dark cherries is followed by heavier woody notes, bourbon and hints of smoke.


The dominant taste is rich bitterness of darkly roasted coffee with a velvety smooth feel. This is slightly balanced by low key acidity. There are no subtle tastes.


Consistent extraction delivers good crema.

Our rating



The box has a pleasantly clean design with a look of the handmade paper. Brightly coloured plastic capsules with the typical industrial shape of Café Royal are covered with aluminium foil. This makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Café Royal promises a subtle spice and fresh fruity acidity underlying a powerful espresso with intensity 7/10.


This is indeed a powerful espresso made of darkly roasted organic fair trade coffee beans. Maybe even too darkly roasted for most. But for those who like this style of coffee, it is a very good choice.

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