Café Royal – Ethiopia

Ethiopia by Café Royal

These single origin Ethiopia capsules from Café Royal deliver a decent cup of espresso with dark-roast coffee bitterness and notes of sweet fruits.


Agreeably intense aroma with darker-roasted coffee bitterness and low acidity. Hints of sweet fruits and nuts.


Lingering bitterness with notes of raspberries and apricots.


Generally consistent extraction with some variation of the pressure and flow rate. Decent crema.

Our rating



Well presented box with capsules made of plastic and aluminium foil lid at the bottom. Capsule design is somewhat industrial with its cog-wheel-like top, ring of grooves and grey colour. The combination of the used materials makes capsules non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. The description on the box promises coffee with apricot notes and delicate floral acidity. Café Royal intensity rating is 4 out of 10.


This coffee, in general, delivers on the promise stated on the box. However, in our opinion, it does not fully reach its potential and leaves our expectations from single origin Ethiopian coffee somewhat unfulfilled.


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