Café Royal – Schüümli

Schüümli by Café Royal

Schüümli by Café Royal has a mild, sweet aroma of cereals and caramel, together with a few nutty notes. The taste balances cocoa and almond bitterness with the fruity sweetness of apples and oranges.

Cafe Royal coffee capsule box with 3 coffee pods on dark background


Schüümli has a mild aroma offering the sweetness of cereals and creamy caramel, together with notes of nuts, wood and fruits.


On the palate, this coffee is balanced and full-bodied. Its dry bitterness of cocoa and almonds is mellowed by the fruity sweetness of apples and oranges. The mouthfeel is pleasantly creamy.


Capsules work flawlessly and resulting crema is rich and lightly coloured.

Our rating

Very good


Schüümli capsules come in the typical Café Royal packaging with Swiss-alps decorative motive. The capsules are made entirely of aluminium and you can recycle them in your metal waste. Just empty them beforehand. Alternatively, you can use recycling schemes such as that of Nespresso. The intensity rating is 6 out of 10.


Café Royal joined the growing range of producers that use the wholly-aluminium capsule technology. Café Royal capsules proved to work flawlessly in our Nespresso coffee makers.

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