Caffé Chicco d’Oro – Tradition

Tradition by Caffé Chicco d’Oro

Tradition capsules by Caffé Chicco d’Oro make an espresso with a heavier, nutty-and-sweet aroma and a taste dominated by the dry bitterness of herbs.

Tradition capsules by Caffé Chicco d'Oro


This espresso has a heavier aroma with a dark-roast character. We found in it dry, nutty tones, a touch of plum-jam sweetness and a whiff of smoke.


The taste is dominated by dry, herbal bitterness that is only slightly mellowed by the creamy sweetness.


The extraction is steady, producing a good amount of darker-hue crema.


Caffé Chicco d’Oro capsules come in a brightly coloured box. The capsules are made of dark plastic enclosed by aluminium foil. This combination of materials makes them more difficult to recycle. The indicated roast strength is 5 out of 7.


Tradition capsules by Caffé Chicco d’Oro contain a blend of 100% Arabica coffee.

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