Caffé Musetti – Kenya

Kenya by Caffé Musetti

This single-origin Kenya by Caffé Musetti is bitter and rough both on the nose and on the palate.

Kenya by Cafe Musetti coffee capsule box with three green capsules on the right side


The aroma of this Kenya is heavy and intense. At the start, it offers the prickly bitterness of a very dark roast and rough edges of not too fresh coffee. Only later we can recognize notes of burnt toffee, roasted almonds and a touch of sour cherry acidity.


The taste is overwhelmed by the stark bitterness and we had to look carefully to find hints of dark sugar and roasted barley.


The extraction is steady, takes longer than usual and produces a rich crema.


The dark and elegant box contains plastic capsules sealed by aluminium foil both at the top and at the bottom. Such capsules are difficult to recycle and do not biologically degrade. Caffé Musetti describes their Kenya as coffee with a full body, pleasant acidity and notes of chocolate and citrus. The intensity rating is 4 out of 12.


In these capsules, Caffé Musetti brings single-origin Kenya which at the first sight looks promising. However, we are not convinced by the qualities of this coffee. It certainly does not compare well with the light-bodied, floral and fruitily fresh espressos which Kenyan coffee can offer.

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