Caffé Vergnano – Bio

Bio Espresso by Caffé Vergnano

This Bio edition from Caffé Vergnano produces rather disappointing coffee dominated by the bitterness of very dark roast.

Bio espresso coffee capsules by Caffé Vergnano


Heavy, bitter notes of burnt coffee.


Harsh and unbalanced bitterness and acidity with notes of burnt rubber.


The extraction is problematic. We had three or four capsules out of ten that cracked and failed altogether. When the extraction worked it took longer than usual and produced thin crema.


A rather large box with simple, natural design contains capsules that are individually packed in small plastic bags. Capsules are made of transparent plastic. Unusually, even lids of capsules are made of the same hard plastic. Intensity rating is 3 out of 5.


It is rather difficult to properly judge this coffee because of the continued problems with the extraction. Caffé Vergnano uses an unusual capsule technology that proved very unreliable on our Krups U Nespresso® machine.

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