Carte Noire Espresso – Kenya

Kenya by Carte Noire Espresso

This single-origin Kenya by Carte Noire Espresso has a well-balanced aroma where the sweet acidity of dark cherries combines with the sweetness of molasses and the bitterness of darkly roasted coffee. The taste balances fruity acidity with the cocoa bitterness and notes of sweet chocolate.

Kenya coffee capsules by Carte Noire Espresso


Kenya from Carte Noire Espresso combines sweet&sour dark cherries with the heavier sweetness of molasses and the dark roast bitterness. The aroma is mild, well-balanced and spiced up with hints of cinnamon, wood and nuts.


On the palate, this highland Kenya opens up with fruity acidity that is immediately followed by the bitterness of cocoa and dark roast. Right after that comes smooth sweetness of velvety milk chocolate. The aftertaste is a bit rough, spicy and finished with a whiff of smoke.


The flow and pressure are steady during the extraction. Resulting crema is nice and tall.

Our rating

Very good


Kenya by Carte Noire Espresso comes in a standard-size, elegant box with a pleasing graphic pattern. On the other hand, the design of the capsules is not that visually appealing. These are made of vividly coloured plastic and are covered both at the top and at the bottom by shiny aluminium foil. It is perhaps better if they stay in their original packaging. Capsules are not biodegradable and the used combination of materials makes them difficult to recycle. The description on the box promises full-bodied coffee with notes of precious woods and dried fruits. The intensity rating is 8.


This edition of capsules from Carte Noire Espresso offers single-origin Arabica from the Kenyan highlands.
We are pleasantly surprised that the technology of Carte Noire Espresso capsules works consistently well. The top-covering aluminium foil tightly envelopes the upper part of each capsule. It may not be the most visually pleasing solution but it proves to be more reliable than the design of, for example, Guatemala Antigua capsules by Starbucks. Those have the top foil fixed inside capsules.

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