Café Royal – Honduras

A single-origin Honduran coffee with a mild aroma of cereals, milk chocolate and cocoa and a taste combining creamy sweetness and dry, cocoa bitterness.

Café Royal – Schüümli

Coffee with a mild, sweet aroma of cereals and caramel and a taste balancing cocoa and almond bitterness with fruity sweetness

Café Royal – Guatemala

A mild and light-bodied espresso with a combination of caramel sweetness, touch of cocoa and hints of fruitiness both on the nose and on the palate.

Café Royal – Doppio Espresso

Strong and intense coffee showcasing Italian-style dark roasting. It combines caramel with ripe sour cherries, almonds and dark chocolate in the aroma and offers intensely bitter taste mellowed by fruity acidity and creamy sweetness.

Café Royal – Colombia

This single origin Colombia makes an espresso with malty sweetness on the nose and lasting cocoa bitterness on the palate.

Café Royal – Ethiopia

This single origin Ethiopia delivers a decent cup of espresso with dark-roast coffee bitterness and notes of sweet fruits.