Colonna – Rimiro Natural, Burundi

A naturally processed, single-origin espresso with a cake-like aroma combining sweet pears and peaches with cocoa and cinnamon. The taste brings notes of peaches, tropical fruits and dark chocolate.

Colonna – Chirinos, Peru

A modern, complex espresso with a mellow aroma of cereals and pears and a taste of juicy apples, sweet pears and bitter cocoa and grapefruits.

Colonna – El Mirador, El Salvador

A single-origin espresso from El Salvador with a sweet, creamy aroma of caramel and milk chocolate and a taste with notes of burnt toffee, sour cherries and dark chocolate.

Colonna – Sasaba, Ethiopia

An excellent, modern espresso with a mellow aroma combines creamy sweetness with notes of cherries and a hint of spices. The taste is complex with notes of zest, sweet cherries and cocoa.

Colonna – San Rafael COE, Guatemala

An espresso with a mild aroma offering creamy sweetness, nutty notes and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines cocoa bitterness, winey acidity and a dry finish.

Colonna – Sitio Pirapitinga, Brazil

An excellent espresso with a mellow aroma bringing creamy sweetness and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines stewed berries and baked apples with cocoa bitterness and toffee sweetness.

Colonna – Don Sabino, Costa Rica

A superb, modern with intense and well-balanced aroma with notes of chocolate, sweet figs, fresh cherries, baked apples and oriental spices. The taste brings fresh limes, oranges and berries, mellow sweetness and a cocoa finish.

Colonna – La Granja, Colombia

An exquisite espresso with mellow aroma of butter-cookies followed by fruity red-berry acidity, cocoa and floral notes. The taste combines sweet limes and soft, fresh dates with the velvety dark-cocoa truffles.

Colonna – Las Laderas, El Salvador

Single-origin coffee from El Salvador with an aroma bringing together heavier, malty notes with milk chocolate, nuts, cocoa and light, fruity acidity. Its taste is mild and well-balanced, with fruity acidity, robust sweetness and pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Colonna – Gakenke, Burundi

A modern espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma of cocoa and berries and a taste combining juicy acidity and rich dark chocolate.

Colonna – Huatusco, Mexico

A surprising espresso with a Champagne-like, dry acidity and cocoa notes on the palate and an aroma combining raspberries and toffee.

Colonna – Kochere Natural, Ethiopia

Kochere has an aroma which combines rich, fruity acidity of cherries with the sweetness of plum and strawberry jams and spicy chocolate and a taste of juicy strawberries, rhubarb pie and notes of black tea.

Colonna – Los Robles, Guatemala

This single estate Guatemala is another expression of excellent, modern espresso from Colonna. It is packed with rich fruitiness of red berries and sweetness of chocolate.