Jones Brothers – Zen

An excellent decaf espresso with sweet aroma of velvety chocolate, honey, creamy caramel and cherries. The taste balances the sweet acidity of red berries with the mild bitterness of dark chocolate.

Jones Brothers – Noir (new edition)

A darkly roasted espresso with well-balanced aroma of roasted barley, cinnamon sugar, nuts in caramel, mild bitterness and the sour cherry acidity. The taste is intense, creamy and pleasantly bitter while keeping toffee sweetness and citrus acidity.

Jones Brothers – Honduras

An exquisite modern espresso with a rich aroma full of cocoa, caramel, walnuts and fruits and a taste bringing together juicy acidity and fruity sweetness with pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Jones Brothers – Noir

A darkly roasted espresso with an aroma of roasted barley, burnt toffee, cocoa and wood and a taste that combines fruity acidity with bold cocoa bitterness.

Jones Brothers – Gigolo

Pleasantly complex espresso with sweet aroma of dark sugar complemented by cocoa, cinnamon, nuts and wood. The taste balances cocoa with sweet, fruity acidity of red apples.

Jones Brothers – Elevate

A modern, medium-roasted espresso with a mild aroma of ripe red berries and cocoa and a rich, complex and well-balanced taste.

Jones Brothers – Revive

This is pleasantly complex coffee with malty sweetness and cherry acidity on the nose and light, juicy fruitiness and the cocoa bitterness on the palate.

Jones Brothers – Sumatra

This single origin Sumatra is a great example of speciality coffee from Indonesia. It offers a full-bodied cup of espresso with sweet cereal notes and complex aromas.