L’Or Espresso – Guatemala

Single-origin Guatemalan coffee with a pleasant aroma of sugary sweetness, cinnamon, oak and cherries. The taste brings dark-roast bitterness and the dry acidity of apple cider.

L’Or Espresso – Colombia

A single-origin espresso with a pleasant aroma of toffee and cake, enriched by vanilla and cinnamon. The taste brings a dark-roast bitterness throughout.

L’Or Espresso – Satinato

Pleasantly intense coffee with an aroma balancing the delicate sweetness, apricot acidity, nuts and velvety dark chocolate and a taste with herbal bitterness, red berry acidity and cocoa.

L’Or Espresso – Or Rose

An espresso with floral, sweet and slightly bitter aroma and a taste with intense bitterness, red apple acidity and creamy sweetness.

L’Or Espresso – Sontuoso

Intense and well-balanced coffee with a pleasant aroma that combines rich sweetness with mild, fruity acidity. The taste brings intense herbal bitterness, cocoa and touch of sour cherries.

L’Or Espresso – Forza

Coffee with an intense aroma of burnt toffee, dark chocolate and spices and a taste balancing the light, fruity acidity with herbal bitterness and creamy sweetness.

L’Or Espresso – Splendente

An espresso that is complex and rich yet smooth and mellow. It has an aroma of rich fruit jam and chocolate cake and a taste that combines dark cherries with dark chocolate and toffee.

L’Or Espresso – Delizioso

Coffee with an aroma combining woody sweetness with notes of cocoa and amaretto and the dark-roast bitterness. The taste balances sweet, fruity acidity with the mild cocoa bitterness.

L’Or Espresso – Supremo

The dark roast as it should be – intense and balanced. This espresso combines rounded bitterness with velvety sweetness and subtle, fruity acidity.