Pellini Espresso – Absolute

A pleasantly intense, Italian-style espresso with well-balanced aroma dominated by caramel and cereal sweetness, nuts and spices. The taste brings fresh, fruity acidity, creamy sweetness and mild bitterness.

Pellini Espresso – Armonioso

Darkly roasted Italian-style coffee with an intense aroma or amaretto, burnt toffee, hazelnuts and light, sour-cherry acidity. The taste brings caramel, dark chocolate and herbal bitterness.

Pellini Espresso – Magnifico

A smooth, darkly roasted espresso with aroma balancing toffee sweetness with amaretto bitterness and light acidity. The taste brings together dark chocolate, bitter almonds and velvety crème caramel.

Pellini Espresso – Supremo

An intense, Italian-style espresso with aroma full of caramel sweetness and notes of walnuts and spices and a well-balanced taste combining light acidity with pleasant bitterness.