Roastworks Coffee Co. – The Espresso (new)

Coffee with a mellow aroma that combines cereals and milk chocolate with fruity cherries and cocoa. The taste brings together acidity of sweet limes and green apples, sweetness of milk chocolate and mild bitterness of cocoa and apricot kernels.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Kenya

An excellent modern espresso showcasing rich fruitiness and bold cocoa. The aroma brings the fig jam and ripe garden fruits while the taste offers zesty and sweet limes and grapefruits.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – The Espresso

An intense and rich modern espresso with an aroma combining fruity acidity and pleasant sweetness of plum jam with the dark chocolate. The full-bodied taste has the acidity and sweetness of a home-made apricot preserve and bold, dark cocoa.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Sumatra

An exceptionally complex espresso offering well-balanced sweetness and juicy acidity of ripe fruits in combination with light cocoa bitterness.