Colonna – Huatusco, Mexico

Huatusco, Mexico by Colonna

The Huatusco capsules by Colonna make a surprising espresso with a Champagne-like, dry acidity and cocoa notes on the palate. The aroma combines mellow raspberries with marvellous toffee.

Huatusco Coe turqouise coffee capsules from Mexico by Colonna Coffee on a dark background


Huatusco has a well balanced and very pleasant aroma combining mellow acidity of raspberries and toffee sweetness.


On the palate, Huatusco offers the fresh acidity of a good Champagne or a dry Bretagne cidre. Notes of dark cocoa add a pleasant layer of refined bitterness.


During the extraction process, we had the now-familiar problems with failing capsules, as in the case of Kochere Natural, Musasa Nkara or Los Robles.

Our rating



The plastic capsules of Huatusco come in a sleeve-like cardboard box. Aluminium foil covers the top of the capsules, thus making them difficult to recycle. Colonna describes this coffee as winey and complex, with purple grape notes throughout and finishing with rich brown sugar.


Huatusco is a very unusual coffee. Its surprising, Champagne-like freshness makes it an excellent choice for those who like the modern, artisan coffee style. On the other hand, it won’t appeal to those who expect their espresso to be primarily bitter.

Huatusco capsules are from the Colonna Rare range, which showcases the exclusive, rare coffee beans from all around the world. The coffee we have here, the Huatusco CoE #3 microlot, is a washed Arabica Typica from the Mexican state of Veracruz, which won the third place on the Cup of Excellence 2018.

The only drawback is again the faultiness of these Colonna capsules – something we hope will improve with a new batch.

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