Colonna – Las Laderas, El Salvador

Las Laderas, El Salvador by Colonna

Las Laderas by Colonna is single-origin coffee from El Salvador. Its aroma brings together heavier, malty notes with milk chocolate, nuts, cocoa and light, fruity acidity. The taste is mild and well-balanced, showcasing fruity acidity, the robust sweetness of molasses and dates and pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Las Laderas, El Salvador by Colonna - three white coffee capsules and a white box on a green background


The well-balanced and not very intense aroma of Las Laderas opens up with somewhat heavier notes of malted barley accompanied by the sweetness of milk chocolate. After that, complex aromas of nuts-and-cocoa cake and a hint of fruity acidity come through.


On the palate, Las Laderas is mild and well balanced. At the forefront is the light fruity acidity of passion fruit or raspberries followed by the robust sweetness of molasses and dates and the pleasant cocoa bitterness.


The extraction is fast and steady, producing a reasonable amount of crema.

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The fully compostable Las Laderas capsules are packaged in two compostable bags containing a protective atmosphere and a white, paper box with a modern, minimalist design. The protective atmosphere is needed because the coffee in the capsules made of compostable plastic is enclosed only by a paper lid. Capsules should be used within a week after the opening of the protective bags to achieve the best results. Colonna describes Las Laderas as sweet coffee with notes of golden raisins and fresh dates, and an almond finish.


Las Laderas by Colonna is a single-origin micro-lot coffee from El Salvador. This espresso is a very nice example of the typical qualities of El Salvador coffee – sweetness and excellent balance.
As in Wegida Blue and Mi Bendicion, Colonna is here again using its superbly performing compostable capsule technology. This technology ensures the freshness of the coffee until the protective bags are opened – something which is lacking in other compostable capsules, for example, Colombian by Eden Project or No. 6 by Espresso San Marco.

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