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Colombian by Eden Project

Colombian by Eden Project contains organic, single-origin Arabica packaged in biodegradable capsules. However, the espresso they produce is unimpressive. It has a sharp and heavy aroma and an unbalanced, bitter taste. This is due to the lack of freshness of this coffee which is not hermetically sealed in the capsules nor their packaging.

Colombian by Eden Project - three biodegradable coffee capsule with bright orange box on a red background


The aroma of this single-origin Colombia is starkly sharp, spicy and heavy. It reveals darker roasting but is otherwise rather blunt, with merely a hint of molasses sweetness.


The taste is also unimpressive, with a watery body and lasting herbal bitterness. A touch of sweetness and spices hints at what this coffee could have had been.


The extraction process is steady and swift and the resulting crema is OK.


The Eden Project Colombian capsules come loosely packaged in a paper box with an eco-themed graphic pattern. The capsules are made of biodegradable plastic covered by paper. Entire capsules can be composted. Eden Project describes Colombian as a crisp coffee with notes of lemon, grapefruit and caramel.


In Colombian, Eden Project uses organically grown Arabica beans and biodegradable capsules. Unfortunately, the grounded coffee is not hermetically sealed inside the capsules but only enclosed by paper. Neither are capsules packaged in a sealed bag but only in a paper box. This means that this coffee is oxidised and stale long before you find it on the supermarket shelves.

The quality of the espresso from these capsules is poor and certainly does not match the high expectations raised by the promised description. In our opinion, the lack of quality is due to the low freshness of the coffee inside these capsules, which seems to be strongly oxidised, even though the capsules expiration date is February 2020.

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