Franprix Espresso – Colombie

Colombie by Franprix Espresso

Colombie by Franprix Espresso is single-origin coffee with a pleasant aroma of cereals, caramel and wood, but with an unbalanced taste of lemony acidity and dark-roast bitterness.

Franprix Espresso coffee capsules packaging


This espresso has a sweeter and heavier aroma with notes of cereals, caramel, wood, nutmeg and a touch of ripe pears.


The taste is unbalanced, with stark, lemony acidity fighting against dark-roast bitterness in an otherwise light-bodied cup.


The extraction is fast and steady, delivering nice crema.


The capsules of Franprix Espresso combine brightly coloured plastic body with two aluminium-foil caps, one at the top and the other at the bottom. This combination of materials makes the capsules difficult to recycle. From Colombie, we should expect a subtle and aromatic coffee. The intensity rating is 6 out of 11.


This single-origin Colombia is the supermarket-own brand of Franprix. Capsules use a technology similar to that of Puro by Mövenpick. This double-aluminium-cap design works well in both cases, while it straggles in Guatemala Antigua by Starbucks or Espresso Artigiano by Dallmayr Capsa.

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