Jones Brothers – Enigma Espresso

Enigma Espresso by Jones Brothers

Enigma Espresso capsules from Jones Brothers offer an excellent espresso with delicate sweetness and a rich spectrum of flavours.


Delicate malt sweetness is balanced by the pleasant bitterness of darkly roasted coffee beans. It’s easy to appreciate the delicious notes of red berries, cocoa, roasted nuts, and apple & plum crumble.


On the palate, we get an exquisite balance of smooth sweetness, dark-roast bitterness and fruity acidity. These are complemented by the rich sweetness of spicy compote de fruits and juicy jam.


Extraction has a steady flow and takes longer than usual. This delivers very nice crema. Longer extraction time may hint at a larger amount of coffee in capsules.

Our rating



The large box with a fresh graphic design contains brightly coloured plastic capsules covered with an aluminium lid. The shiny colour finish and the smooth design makes these capsules well presentable. On the other hand, the combination of the used materials makes them not biodegradable and difficult to recycle. The description on the box promises flavours of roasted nuts, fruits and cocoa. Intensity rating is 8 out of 12.


This blend of, presumably, multiple origin Arabica beans promises an interesting cup of espresso and we certainly agree.

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