Jones Brothers – Gigolo (compostable)

Gigolo by Jones Brothers – compostable edition

Gigolo by Jones Brothers is a pleasingly intense espresso inspired by traditional Italian-style roasting. Its aroma offers notes of almonds, caramel and sour cherries. The taste combines citrus acidity, creamy sweetness and a rich cocoa finish.


The aroma of Gigolo by Jones Brothers is smooth and pleasant. It offers sweet notes of almonds in caramel and a touch of sour cherries, alongside the bitter hints of dark, Italian-style roasting.


The intense taste of Gigole opens up with an acidity of limes and grapefruits. These are followed by creamy sweetness and dry, long-lasting notes of dark cocoa.


The flawless extraction process produces tall crema with a light hue.

Our rating

Very good


Gigolo capsules are neatly packaged in the compact box we know well from the previous editions of Jones Brothers coffee capsules. This new version of Gigolo is made of biodegradable materials which will fully decompose in over 60 C heat-activated compost. Jones Brothers describe Gigolo as a smooth and rich coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate. The roast strength is 12 out of 12.


The latest edition of Gigolo coffee capsules successfully follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. It again offers well-crafted, darkly roasted coffee for everyone looking for intensity in their cup. This Gigolo edition contains 100% Arabica beans grown in Americas and certified as organic. The capsules will biologically degrade in industrial composting plants using heat-activated technology. As with its sister edition Enigma, the grounded coffee inside the capsules is protected by an oxygen barrier. Thanks to this technology from The Green Ring™, Jones Brothers capsules can achieve quality on a par with other oxygen-tight compostable capsules, such as Chirinos or Rimiro Natural from Colonna.

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