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Honduras by Jones Brothers

The limited edition Honduras organic by Jones Brothers is an exquisite example of modern speciality coffee. It has a rich aroma full of cocoa, caramel, walnuts and fruits and a taste bringing together juicy acidity and fruity sweetness with pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Organic Honduras - golden coffee capsules with the colourful box on a black background


The aroma of this espresso conjures up an image of a rich birthday cake. Cocoa, caramel, walnuts, black-currant preserve, apples and cinnamon sugar icing – all are here to be savoured.


This Honduras is pleasantly fresh, full-bodied and very well balanced. The taste opens up with the juicy acidity of red berries followed by the fruity sweetness of apples and pears. The finish brings sugary sweetness and rich cocoa with its light bitterness and pleasantly dry mouthfeel. The aftertaste is short and creamy.


The extraction is steady and longer than usual. The resulting crema is rich and tall.

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Honduras by Jones Brothers comes in the typical Jones Brothers box – rather large and delightfully colourful. Capsules are made of plastic covered by aluminium foil. The used combination of materials means that they are non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. In the box, two plastic bags enclose five capsules each in a protective atmosphere. This additional packaging safeguards the freshness of the coffee inside the capsules. From this Honduras, we should expect notes of tropical fruits, sweet caramel and hazelnut chocolate. The roasting strength (intensity rating) is 10 out of 12.


This limited edition of Jones Brothers contains organic Arabica coffee from the highlands of Honduras. The beans, which are grown above 1,350 m a.s.l., are of Caturra, Bourbon and Typica varietal.

Honduras by Jones Brothers uses a rather dark roasting but makes coffee which is pleasantly light, fruity and sweet. It is an exquisite espresso which brings back our memories of its sister editions Enigma and Gigolo.

In short, Honduras by Jones Brothers is a superb modern speciality espresso showcasing the qualities of the best coffee from Honduras.


As we promise in our Legal disclaimer, we want to disclose the fact that we have not bought this edition of Honduras capsules but got it as a gift from Jones Brothers themselves.

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