Jones Brothers – Sumatra

Sumatra by Jones Brothers

This is a special edition from Jones Brothers with the single origin Sumatra beans is a great example of speciality coffee from Indonesia. It offers a very good full-bodied cup of espresso with sweet cereal notes and a complex aroma.


This coffee has a pleasantly mild aroma with sweet notes of malt and roasted barley. These are complemented by hints of plums and cocoa.


The taste is full-bodied and has mild acidity balanced with cereal sweetness. These are accompanied by notes of darkly roasted beans. The aftertaste is fruity with hints of ripe red berries.


The extraction is consistent and produces good crema.

Our rating

Very good


The large colourful box contains brightly coloured smooth capsules made of shiny plastic. They look respectable in a decorative holder. But the combination of non-biodegradable plastic and aluminium lid makes them difficult to recycle. Jones Brothers offer a wealth of information about this special edition. It promises balanced and full-bodied coffee with low acidity and complex earthy aromas. The intensity rating is 8 out of 12.


This Arabica coffee from Lintong district of the coffee growing region of Lake Toba on the Indonesian island of Sumatra is unusually well described. Apart from the pinpointed place of origin Jones Brothers give us also information about the variety (Ateng and Bergendal), time of harvest (Jun-Dec), and the elevation at which the beans grow (1,200 – 1,600 m.a.s.). We even know about the processing method described as a semi-washed honey process. This is rather unusual processing method for Indonesia. The honey process is typically used in Central America and means that the beans are dried with some flesh of the coffee cherries still attached. Such processing usually brings an increase in the body and the sweetness of the coffee. These characteristics can certainly be found in these capsules from Jones Brothers.

This special edition showcases the potential of Indonesia for growing high-quality speciality beans.

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