Jumbo – Ethiopia

Ethiopia espresso No4 by Jumbo

Ethiopia espresso by Jumbo makes rather underwhelming espresso with a heavy, stale aroma and an unbalanced taste.

Ethiopia by Jumbo - dark red capsules with colourful packaging bag on a grey background


The aroma of this Ethiopia is heavy and somewhat stale. We get through the bitterness of burnt wood and notes of black pepper.


The taste is unbalanced, intensely acidic, medicinally bitter and spicy.


The extraction process is standard and delivers a good amount of crema.


The Jumbo Ethiopia capsules come in a vividly coloured plastic bag decorated by nice ethnic motives. The capsules are plastic, covered by aluminium foil, non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Jumbo describes Ethiopia as coffee with intense taste and strong acidity. The intensity rating is 4 out of 12.


This single-origin Ethiopia from Jumbo supermarket is rather underwhelming and does not reach the qualities of the typically highly-prised Ethiopian coffee. This edition of the Jumbo’s own-brand capsules lacks behind the Jumbo Costa Rica capsules we have reviewed before.

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