Kafeterija – Zeka (Bunny)

Zeka (Bunny) by Kafeterija

Zeka (Bunny) by Kafeterija has a heavier aroma fusing dark-roast bitterness with the sweetness of molasses and malt. On the palate, Zeka is a traditional espresso with intense coffee bitterness and limited acidity. Notes of dark chocolate, sour cherry acidity and creamy sweetness also come through. Zeka comes in an original, notably funny packaging.

Zeka (Bunny) three coffee capsules with orange packaging box on the dark grey background


Zeka is heavier on the nose, showing the mild bitterness of the dark roast and the sweetness of molasses and malted barley. Tones of nuts and wood also come through.


The chief ingredient of the taste of this espresso is the dark-roast coffee bitterness accented by dark chocolate notes. A touch of sour cherry acidity and creamy sweetness add a layer of complexity.


The extraction is steady and takes longer than usual. The resulting crema is tall and thick.

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Zeka capsules from Kafeterija come in a tall box with original and funny design. The transparent plastic-and-aluminium capsules are packed in additional, sealed plastic bags. Kafeterija describes Zeka as coffee with good acidity which is harmonized by sweetness. The intensity rating is 5 out of 12.


The Zeka edition of Kafeterija capsules contains a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia, Guatemala and Nicaragua which produces a traditional full-bodied espresso with limited acidity. A similar coffee style is offered by for example Café Royal in Espresso Organic or Cellini Caffè in Cremoso.

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