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Colombia by L’Or Espresso

Colombia is a single-origin offering by L’Or Espresso from the Origins Collection. This coffee has a pleasant aroma with the sweetness of toffee and cake, enriched by the spicy touch of vanilla and cinnamon. The taste is rather flat, with dominant, dark-roast bitterness throughout.

LOr espresso box with three capsules


The aroma of this single-origin Colombia is pleasantly intense, sweet and spicy. Its notes of caramel and freshly-baked cake are complemented by vanilla, cinnamon and walnuts. At the end comes a fruity hint of jam and a touch of darker-roast bitterness.


In contrast to the sweet and well-balanced aroma, the taste is dominated by a dry bitterness. This clear sign of the darker roasting is present from start to finish, making this espresso rather flat. Only a few notes of burnt toffee and the not-well-balanced acidity of green apples and grapefruits manage to get through.


These L’Or Espresso capsules perform flawlessly, producing a good amount of crema.

Our rating



The aluminium capsules of Colombia by L’Or Espresso come packaged in a nicely presented box. The capsules have a pleasing design and are well-suited for decorative holders. You can recycle the used capsules by emptying them and disposing of in metal refuse. Alternatively, you may use a collect-and-recycle scheme, such as that of Nespresso. The short description offered by L’Or (a complex, tangy and mystical espresso) does not reveal much about this coffee. The intensity rating is 8.


This single-origin Colombia is a part of the Origins Collection of L’Or Espresso coffee capsules. It has a promising aroma but its somewhat flat taste does not bring out the best qualities of Colombian coffee. We found similar flavours in the Colombia editions from CafĂ© Royal and Barista, and in the Or Rose capsules by L’Or Espresso.

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