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Forza by L’Or Espresso

Forza from L’Or Espresso has an intense bitter&sweet aroma of burnt toffee, dark chocolate and spices. Its taste is intense and smooth, balancing the light, fruity acidity with herbal bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Forza coffee capsules by L'Or Espresso


Forza has an intense yet pleasant aroma of a dark roast. Bitter and sweet, it combines burnt toffee with dark chocolate and velvety creaminess. Notes of cereals, spices and subtle dark-cherry acidity also come through.


The taste of Forza by L’Or Espresso is intense but well rounded. At the beginning is light, fruity acidity that balances the bold bitterness of herbs and cocoa. This bitterness is followed by the smooth and creamy sweetness of a burnt toffee pudding. The aftertaste is long-lasting, mildly bitter and accompanied by a whiff of smoke.


The flawless extraction process produces nice and tall crema.

Our rating

Very good


The typical, elegant box of L’Or Espresso contains intriguingly designed, fully-aluminium capsules that will look good in a decorative holder. Aluminium capsules are not biodegradable but can be collected with metal or aluminium trash when emptied. Forza promises us an intense and lively espresso with aromas of oak and liquorice. The intensity rating is 9.


Forza is another very good example of darkly roasted coffee done right. It compares well with the offerings of Nespresso, such as Ristretto, or with capsules from alternative produces, such as Intense by Velours Noir or Supremo by L’Or Espresso.
The fully-aluminium capsule technology of L’Or Espresso again proved its full compatibility with the Nespresso coffee machines, as in the case of Delizioso or Splendente capsules.

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