L’Or Espresso – Or Rose

Or Rose by L’Or Espresso

Or Rose by L’Or Espresso makes coffee with a mild and balanced aroma and a bit sharper taste. On the nose, Or Rose is floral, sweet and slightly bitter. On the palate, intense bitterness is mellowed by red apple acidity and creamy sweetness.

Or Rose L'Or Espresso - two golden pink coffee capsules with a box on a white background


Or Rose offers a mild, balanced aroma with subtle floral notes, the heavier sweetness of cascara (coffee cherry flesh), touch of amaretto and a hint of dark-roast bitterness.


In contrast, the taste is intense, revealing the dark roasting from the onset. The start is starkly bitter and followed by the acidity of red apples and creamy sweetness. The aftertaste is long and brings bitter-sweet burnt toffee.


The extraction is steady and flawless, resulting in a good amount of crema.

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The rose-and-gold coloured aluminium capsules of Or Rose are neatly packaged in the typical L’Or Espresso box. The capsules are suitable for the decorative holder and can be recycled when collected (emptied) with metal refuse. Another recycling option is to make use of recycling schemes such as that of Nespresso. L’Or Espresso describes Or Rose as coffee with a complex character, lemony aroma and smooth taste. The intensity rating is 7.


In Or Rose, L’Or Espresso brings a complex but not entirely balanced coffee. This coffee will appeal to those, who prefer bitterness in their espresso cups.

As with other L’Or Espresso offerings, aluminium capsules of Or Rose perform without any problems.

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