Nespresso – Arabica Ethiopia Harrar

Arabica Ethiopia Harrar by Nespresso

Arabica Ethiopia Harrar by Nespresso is a limited edition showcasing the single-origin Arabica from the Harrar region of Ethiopia. The aroma of this espresso is intense, sweet and fruity. It brings notes of ripe cherries and cascara accompanied by cereals, almonds and dark chocolate. The taste is ruled by the rounded and dry bitterness which is mellowed by creamy sweetness and a hint of ripe fruits.

Arabica Ethiopia Harrar by Nespresso - 10 coffee capsules and a box on a brown background


Harrar is richly aromatic, intense and sweet. Its clear, fruity notes bring to mind ripe cherries, blueberries, blood orange and cascara (the coffee cherry flesh). These are accompanied by cereals, almonds, dark chocolate and a light floral touch.


On the palate, we first get the creamy sweetness followed by a hint of sweet, ripe fruits. These are quickly substituted by rounded, dry and intense bitterness of dark cocoa and apricot kernels. The bitterness continues into the long aftertaste.


The extraction is fast and steady, producing a good amount of crema.

Our rating

Very good


This limited edition of Nespresso capsules comes in a sleeve box with a delicate natural pattern. The aluminium capsules are also beautifully presented and are destined for the decorative holder. The capsules can be recycled either via the Nespresso recycling scheme or when emptied and collected with metallic refuse. Nespresso describes Harrar as coffee with notes of ripe fruits, flowers and malty cereals. The intensity rating is 5 out of 12.


Arabica Ethiopia Harrar by Nespresso is a limited edition which presents the qualities of the Arabica coffee from the Harrar region of Ethiopia.

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