Nespresso – Café Istanbul

Café Istanbul by Nespresso

Café Istanbul by Nespresso is heavily roasted coffee with aroma combining earthy notes with hints of cereals, walnuts and sour cherries. Its taste is entirely dominated by a sharp bitterness.


The aroma of Café Istanbul is not too intense, but its heavier notes do not conceal the dark roasting. On top of some earthy notes, we get here also hints of cereal sweetness, walnuts and sour-cherry acidity.


In contrast to the relatively mild aroma, the taste is dominated by sharp bitterness from start to finish. This medicinal sensation is prickly at times and leaves behind notes of burnt rubber.


Extraction is without any problems, delivering rich crema.


The beautifully presented capsules of Café Istanbul will star in any decorative holder. These aluminium capsules can be easily recycled through the Nespresso-operated recycling scheme. Alternatively, you may empty them and collect them with other metal refuse. Nespresso describes Café Istanbul as intensely roasted coffee with exotic character and black pepper spiciness. The intensity rating is 10 out of 12.


Café Istanbul by Nespresso contains a blend of Mocha coffee from Yemen and coffee beans from Indonesia and India. However, the dark roasting used by Nespresso in Café Istanbul is beyond our preferences.

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