Nespresso – Caffè Venezia

Caffè Venezia by Nespresso

Caffè Venezia by Nespresso offers an intense and complex aroma in which burnt toffee combines with oriental spices and sour cherries. On the other hand, the taste of this espresso is dominated by dark-roast bitterness.


On the nose, Caffè Venezia is intense, complex and does not hide its dark roasting. The sweetness of burnt toffee is spiced up with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, and balanced by a touch of ripe sour cherries. A hint of smoke and mildly earthy notes add another aromatic layer.


In contrast to the complex aroma, the taste of Caffè Venezia is rather monotonous. The bitterness brought by the dark, Italian-style roasting dominates the palate, and it is only slightly mellowed by a touch of creamy sweetness and a few fruity notes. The aftertaste is long and unmistakably bitter.


The extraction is flawless, and the resulting crema is nice and tall.

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This limited edition of Nespresso comes in a nicely decorated sleeve box and even more beautifully decorated capsules. These fully-aluminium capsules will look splendidly in your decorative holders. They are also easy to recycle, either through the Nespresso recycling scheme or by collecting emptied capsules with other metal refuse. Nespresso describes Caffè Venezia as intense and complex coffee with roasted character and floral notes combined with an exotic touch of the orient. The intensity rating is 7 out of 12.


In this limited edition, Nespresso recreates a historic Italian style of intense coffee. Caffè Venezia capsules contain a darkly roasted blend of Ethiopian Arabica from Harrar region and Indian earthy Arabicas. While this coffee is certainly not burnt, it is definitely on the dark side of the coffee world.

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