Nespresso – Dulsão do Brasil

Dulsão do Brasil by Nespresso

Dulsão do Brasil from the Pure Origin edition of Nespresso capsules makes an espresso with a mild, sweet aroma and a rounded, bitter-and-creamy taste.

Dulsão do Brasil coffee capsules by Nespresso


The aroma of Dulsão do Brasil is mild and pleasant. The sweet start full of cereals and malted barley is followed by light, darker-roast bitterness. Heavier, woody notes and hints of spices are present throughout.


On the palate, Dulsão do Brasil is mild and rounded but has a somewhat flat, watery mouthfeel. The taste opens up with the distinct herbal bitterness followed by creamy sweetness and low-key fruity acidity. The aftertaste is short, creamy and bitter.


The flawless extraction process produces nice and tall crema.

Our rating

Very good


The Nespresso packaging and capsules do not need any introduction. The elegant, dark, slim boxes and the brightly coloured aluminium capsules are notoriously known. To recycle their fully-aluminium capsules, Nespresso operates their own collect-and-recycle scheme. Alternatively, you may collect emptied capsules with other aluminium or metal trash. In Dulsão do Brasil Nespresso promises balanced, velvety sweetness with notes of roasted cereals. The intensity rating is 4.


Dulsão do Brasil by Nespresso contains 100% Arabica beans of red and yellow Bourbon varieties. Beans are processed by the pulped natural process which is typically employed in Brasil. Right after the harvest, the coffee cherries are mechanically stripped of most of the flesh. Beans are then dried together with the remaining flesh that contains natural sugars. The drying of the coffee beans with the remains of the attached flesh impairs an increased sweetness to the resulting coffee.

Nespresso capsules are, obviously, designed to look very presentable. Moreover, the fully-aluminium technology represents a good, reliable way to keep the coffee inside the capsules fresh, while also assuring consistency of the extraction process on the Nespresso machines (naturally). With the expiration of patents covering the Nespresso capsule technology, we begin to see other producers to use the aluminium capsules. As an example serve our reviews of Supremo and Papua New Guinea capsules by L’Or Espresso or the Intense edition of Velours Noir. We are increasingly looking forward to this trend which will bring more consistent extraction, better quality of brewed coffee and more easily recyclable capsules.

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  1. Ed brickey says:

    Where can I purchase dulsao do Brazil ?

    1. Capsulogy says:

      Unfortunately, Dusao do Brasil was phased out by Nespresso, together with the rest of the Pure Origin line. Instead, Nespresso introduced new Master Origin line. But we don’t think that there is an adequate replacement for Dulsao do Brasil. Perhaps the new Nicaragua comes close, but we would rather recommend the standard Volluto. Dulsao do Brasil has disappeared from Nespresso stores more than a year ago, so you probably cannot find it anywhere. We’re sorry that we cannot help you more.

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