Nespresso – Ispirazione Venezia

Ispirazione Venezia by Nespresso

Ispirazione Venezia by Nespresso is an intense and well-balanced espresso which does not hide its darker, Italy-inspired roasting. Its aroma offers the sweetness of caramel and the notes of roasted barley. Cereal tones of the roasted barley are also present on the palate, together with dark chocolate.


The aroma of Ispirazione Venezia is intense and pleasantly sweet. Distinct notes of roasted barley are followed by the sweetness of caramel and a touch of wood.


The full-bodied taste reveals expertly managed dark roasting with pleasant bitterness of dark chocolate combined with cereal sweetness of roasted barley and a creamy finish. All combined, this espresso brings to mind a taste of well-crafted stout.


The extraction process is flawless, resulting in tall, rich crema.

Our rating

Very good


The intricately decorated capsules of Ispirazione Venezia from Nespresso will shine in your decorative holders. They come packaged in the standard Nespresso sleeve and can be easily recycled via the Nespresso collecting scheme. If that isn’t practical for you, empty the used capsules and dispose of them in metal refuse. From the Ispirazione Venezia, we can expect mellow and aromatic coffee with notes of cereals and caramel. The intensity rating is 8 out of 12.


The Ispirazione Venezia by Nespresso contains Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia blended with a fraction of African Robusta. Its taste profile is not too dissimilar from Dulsão do Brasil by Nespresso, or Classico by Caffè Nero.

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