Nespresso – Ristretto Decaffeinato

Ristretto Decaffeinato by Nespresso

Ristretto Decaffeinato by Nespresso is an intense decaffeinated espresso with a sweet aroma of toffee, cocoa and spices, and a taste combining bitterness, toffee sweetness, fruitiness and a hint of smoke.

Ristretto Decaffeinato by Nespresso - four black coffee capsules on wooden background


The aroma of Ristretto Decaffeinato is pleasantly intense. It reveals a dark roasting but most of all it is sweet. Walnuts in caramel, bitter-sweet burnt toffee, cocoa, vanilla and cinnamon all come through.


In contrast, the palate is dominated by intense, herbal bitterness mellowed by burnt toffee sweetness and a touch of fruitiness from apricots and raspberries. Spicy notes of cardamon and cloves and a hint of smoke add a nice level of complexity.


The extraction is flawless and produces rich crema.

Our rating

If we rated decaffeinated coffee with our Capsulogy rating scheme, Ristretto Decaffeinato by Nespresso would be Very Good.


The aluminium capsules of Ristretto Decaffeinato use the same dark colour as Ristretto capsules, but can be distinguished by the red dot and the rim. You can easily recycle these capsules through the Nespresso-operated recycling scheme or by collecting emptied capsules with other metal refuse. From Ristretto Decaffeinato we should expect an intense, darkly roasted espresso with chocolate and subtle fruity notes. The intensity rating is 10 out of 12.


Ristretto Decaffeinato by Nespresso contains a blend of Arabica beans from Colombia, Brasil and East Africa with an additional Robusta.

This is the most intense, darkly roasted decaffeinated offering which you will certainly enjoy after a late dinner.

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