Nespresso – Volluto Decaffeinato

Volluto Decaffeinato by Nespresso

In our first review of decaffeinated coffee capsules, Volluto Decaffeinato showcases a sweet and mellow aroma with a touch of light acidity. Its taste brings cocoa bitterness and soft acidity of red berries, together with milk chocolate, wood and hazelnuts.

Volluto Decaffeinato by Nespresso - bright yellow coffee capsules on slate background


The aroma of Volluto Decaffeinato is pleasantly sweet and mellow. Creamy caramel and cinnamon sugar come forward, followed by nutty notes and a touch of fruity acidity.


In this espresso, the lightly bitter taste of dark cocoa is excellently balanced by the mildly zesty acidity of red berries and the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate. The short aftertaste brings dry, woody tones and a handful of hazelnuts.


The standard, steady extraction produces rich crema.

Our rating

At this moment, we do not plan to rate decaffeinated coffee in the same way as its full-caffeine siblings. However, the qualities of Volluto Decaffeinato bring it somewhere between Very Good and Excellent.


Volluto Decaffeinato comes in the typical, dark and elegant Nespresso sleeve. The golden, wholly-aluminium capsules are distinguished from Volluto by the red dot and stripe. The aluminium capsules can be recycled either through the Nespresso recycling scheme or by emptying and collecting with aluminium/metal trash. Nespresso describes Volluto Decaffeinato as sweet and smooth, with a mild taste and rounded body. The intensity rating is 4.


Volluto Decaffeinato contains a blend of 100% Arabica beans from South America which are lightly roasted. Nespresso does not explicitly state that it is the same blend as in Volluto.

Volluto Decaffeinato by Nespresso is our first reviewed edition of coffee capsules with removed caffeine. As such, we will at this moment refrain from rating it. However, Volluto Decaffeinato delivers a very nice experience, which approaches the excellence of Volluto.

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