My-coffee Cup – Espresso Fortissimo

An espresso with a heavy, earthy aroma combining dark-roast bitterness and creamy sweetness. The taste is light and watery, offering only a mild taste of grapefruit bitterness.

Jacobs – Espresso 10 Intenso

Darkly roasted coffee with an aroma combining bitterness and caramel sweetness with notes of sour cherries, spices and smoke. The taste is dominated by herbal bitterness.

Nespresso Master Origin – Indonesia

Single-origin coffee with a robust and intense aroma that brings together the sweetness of ripe fruits and molasses with more subtle notes of roasted barley, vanilla and chocolate. The taste offers intense bitterness of darkly-roasted coffee, cocoa and burnt toffee.

Jones Brothers – Noir (new edition)

A darkly roasted espresso with well-balanced aroma of roasted barley, cinnamon sugar, nuts in caramel, mild bitterness and the sour cherry acidity. The taste is intense, creamy and pleasantly bitter while keeping toffee sweetness and citrus acidity.

Nespresso Master Origin – Ethiopia

Single-origin coffee with smooth and superbly balanced aroma combining sweet and fresh berries with dark chocolate. The taste brings together fresh acidity of passion fruit and sweet lime with the sweetness of caramel and dark cocoa bitterness.

Franprix Espresso – Colombie

Coffee with a pleasant aroma of cereals, caramel and wood, and an unbalanced taste of lemony acidity and dark-roast bitterness.

Nespresso – Ristretto Decaffeinato

An intense decaffeinated espresso with a sweet aroma of toffee, cocoa and spices, and a taste combining bitterness, toffee sweetness, fruitiness and a hint of smoke.

Café Royal – Guatemala

A mild and light-bodied espresso with a combination of caramel sweetness, touch of cocoa and hints of fruitiness both on the nose and on the palate.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – The Espresso (new)

Coffee with a mellow aroma that combines cereals and milk chocolate with fruity cherries and cocoa. The taste brings together acidity of sweet limes and green apples, sweetness of milk chocolate and mild bitterness of cocoa and apricot kernels.

L’Or Espresso – Satinato

Pleasantly intense coffee with an aroma balancing the delicate sweetness, apricot acidity, nuts and velvety dark chocolate and a taste with herbal bitterness, red berry acidity and cocoa.

Nespresso – Café Istanbul

Heavily roasted coffee with aroma combining earthy notes with hints of cereals, walnuts and sour cherries, and a taste dominated by a sharp bitterness.

Nespresso – Caffè Venezia

Coffee with an intense, complex aroma of burnt toffee, oriental spices and sour cherries, and a taste dominated by dark-roast bitterness.

L’Or Espresso – Or Rose

An espresso with floral, sweet and slightly bitter aroma and a taste with intense bitterness, red apple acidity and creamy sweetness.

Colonna – La Granja, Colombia

An exquisite espresso with mellow aroma of butter-cookies followed by fruity red-berry acidity, cocoa and floral notes. The taste combines sweet limes and soft, fresh dates with the velvety dark-cocoa truffles.

Julius Meinl – Espresso Selezione

Coffee with an aroma combining the sweetness of ripe fruits and malt with dark chocolate bitterness and a taste balancing creamy sweetness, fruity acidity and mild bitterness.

L’Or Espresso – Sontuoso

Intense and well-balanced coffee with a pleasant aroma that combines rich sweetness with mild, fruity acidity. The taste brings intense herbal bitterness, cocoa and touch of sour cherries.

Pellini Espresso – Absolute

A pleasantly intense, Italian-style espresso with well-balanced aroma dominated by caramel and cereal sweetness, nuts and spices. The taste brings fresh, fruity acidity, creamy sweetness and mild bitterness.

Colonna – Las Laderas, El Salvador

Single-origin coffee from El Salvador with an aroma bringing together heavier, malty notes with milk chocolate, nuts, cocoa and light, fruity acidity. Its taste is mild and well-balanced, with fruity acidity, robust sweetness and pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Nespresso – Livanto

Coffee with a richly fruity, sweet and spicy aroma and a taste that combines fruity and creamy sweetness with mild bitterness and cocoa.

Kafeterija – Sova (Owl)

A heavier espresso with an aroma of burnt toffee, cereals and nuts and a taste which is sweet at the beginning but becomes intensely bitter later on.

Nespresso – Arabica Ethiopia Harrar

An intense, sweet and fruity espresso with notes of ripe cherries, cereals, almonds and dark chocolate in the aroma and a taste bringing rounded and dry bitterness mellowed by creamy sweetness and a hint of ripe fruits.

Carrefour – Kenya

An espresso with a balanced aroma of dark-roast bitterness and cereal sweetness and a sharp taste with lemony acidity and intense bitterness.

Café Royal – Doppio Espresso

Strong and intense coffee showcasing Italian-style dark roasting. It combines caramel with ripe sour cherries, almonds and dark chocolate in the aroma and offers intensely bitter taste mellowed by fruity acidity and creamy sweetness.