Kafeterija – Zeka (Bunny)

A traditional espresso with intense coffee bitterness and limited acidity coming in an original and funny packaging.

Snack by Yardstick Coffee – Butter Pecan Cookies

An exquisite modern espresso with mellow and well-balanced aroma bringing together toffee sweetness, sweet acidity of blueberries and notes of cashew and pecan nuts. The taste combines juicy apple acidity with rich nougat.

Nespresso – Arpeggio

An intense espresso with an aroma balancing dark-roast bitterness, fruity acidity and caramel sweetness. The taste combines bitterness with creamy sweetness and the acidity of sour cherries.

Cru Kafe – Organic Light Roast

A subtle espresso which is mildly sweet on the nose and combines apple acidity, grapefruit and cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019! We wish you all the happiness and loads of success in the New Year 2019!

Cru Kafe – Organic Colombian

Coffee with an aroma combining milk chocolate with cereals and hazelnuts and a taste bringing sweetness, bitterness and a hint of berry acidity.

Colonna – Gakenke, Burundi

A modern espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma of cocoa and berries and a taste combining juicy acidity and rich dark chocolate.

Jones Brothers – Honduras

An exquisite modern espresso with a rich aroma full of cocoa, caramel, walnuts and fruits and a taste bringing together juicy acidity and fruity sweetness with pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Nespresso – Roma

A full-bodied Italian-style espresso with an aroma bringing together caramel, dark cherries and cocoa and a taste with rich bitterness balanced with fruity acidity and toffee sweetness.

Cellini Caffè – Cremoso

Italian-style dark-roast espresso with a heavier, woody aroma enriched by notes of caramel and spices and an intense taste combining dark roast bitterness with creamy sweetness and notes of cocoa and roasted barley.

Espresso San Marco – No. 6

An edition of biodegradable capsules that allow the coffee in them to oxidize, resulting in an underwhelming espresso.

Eden Project – Colombian

An organic, single-origin Arabica packaged in biodegradable capsules that produce espresso with a sharp and heavy aroma and an unbalanced, bitter taste

Biodegradable capsules

In coming weeks we will publish reviews of several biodegradable or compostable capsules.

Caffé Corsini – Costa Rica

An espresso with aroma combining the sweetness of caramel and amaretto with notes of nuts and smokiness. The taste is not fully balanced, with the darker roast bitterness, creamy sweetness and light acidity.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Kenya

An excellent modern espresso showcasing rich fruitiness and bold cocoa. The aroma brings the fig jam and ripe garden fruits while the taste offers zesty and sweet limes and grapefruits.

Nespresso – Indriya from India

An espresso with dark-roast character, an intense, sweet and spicy aroma and a taste that brings herbal bitterness, creamy sweetness and mild acidity.

Caffé Corsini – Brasil

A single-origin Brazilian coffee an aroma combining mild bitterness with caramel sweetness, hazelnuts and spices and a taste with smooth chocolate, light acidity and a touch of bitterness.

Nespresso – Rosabaya de Colombia

An espresso with an aroma combining caramel, cocoa, spices and floral notes and a taste offering citrus acidity, cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Jumbo – Indonesia

Coffee with a low-intensity aroma combining dark roast bitterness with light sweetness and a starkly acidic and intensely bitter taste.

Pellini Espresso – Armonioso

Darkly roasted Italian-style coffee with an intense aroma or amaretto, burnt toffee, hazelnuts and light, sour-cherry acidity. The taste brings caramel, dark chocolate and herbal bitterness.