Starbucks – Guatemala Antigua

Guatemala Antigua by Starbucks

This single origin Guatemala by Starbucks makes somewhat underwhelming coffee with sweet nougat on the nose and dark-roast bitterness on the palate.

Guatemala Antigua coffee capsules by Starbucks


Mild bitterness of the darkly roasted coffee is followed by the sweetness of nougat with distinct hints of cocoa and nuts.


In contrast to the sweetness on the nose, this coffee has a sharply bitter taste. This dark-roast bitterness is not balanced by any acidity or fruity flavours. The aftertaste is lingering and medicinally bitter.


An inconsistent extraction with uneven pressure and flow rate produces a variable amount of crema.


Nicely designed box contains plastic capsules covered at the top and bottom by aluminium foil. This makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Starbucks promise medium roast coffee with notes of cocoa and subtle spice.


This single origin Arabica coffee from Guatemalan Antigua Valley by Starbucks holds a big promise of a nice cup of espresso. Unfortunately, it produces rather underwhelming results. Part of the problem with this coffee could be caused by the type of capsules with two aluminium foil lids. The same technology was used for example by Dallmayr Capsa and both La Mocca Caffé Ethiopia or Espresso. In all cases it proved to be rather unreliable.

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