Colonna – Sitio Pirapitinga, Brazil

An excellent espresso with a mellow aroma bringing creamy sweetness and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines stewed berries and baked apples with cocoa bitterness and toffee sweetness.

Nespresso – Cafezinho do Brasil

A darkly-roasted espresso with an aroma bringing intense bitterness, mellow toffee and distinct roasted notes. The taste is bitter and smokey.

Snack by Yardstick Coffee – Butter Pecan Cookies

An exquisite modern espresso with mellow and well-balanced aroma bringing together toffee sweetness, sweet acidity of blueberries and notes of cashew and pecan nuts. The taste combines juicy apple acidity with rich nougat.

Caffé Corsini – Brasil

A single-origin Brazilian coffee an aroma combining mild bitterness with caramel sweetness, hazelnuts and spices and a taste with smooth chocolate, light acidity and a touch of bitterness.

Taylors – Brazil

This excellent single origin Brazil reliably delivers a well-balanced cup of sweet coffee with fruity notes, a hint of cocoa, and an aroma of well-roasted coffee.