L’Or Espresso – Colombia

A single-origin espresso with a pleasant aroma of toffee and cake, enriched by vanilla and cinnamon. The taste brings a dark-roast bitterness throughout.

Franprix Espresso – Colombie

Coffee with a pleasant aroma of cereals, caramel and wood, and an unbalanced taste of lemony acidity and dark-roast bitterness.

Colonna – La Granja, Colombia

An exquisite espresso with mellow aroma of butter-cookies followed by fruity red-berry acidity, cocoa and floral notes. The taste combines sweet limes and soft, fresh dates with the velvety dark-cocoa truffles.

Cru Kafe – Organic Colombian

Coffee with an aroma combining milk chocolate with cereals and hazelnuts and a taste bringing sweetness, bitterness and a hint of berry acidity.

Eden Project – Colombian

An organic, single-origin Arabica packaged in biodegradable capsules that produce espresso with a sharp and heavy aroma and an unbalanced, bitter taste

Nespresso – Rosabaya de Colombia

An espresso with an aroma combining caramel, cocoa, spices and floral notes and a taste offering citrus acidity, cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Carte Noire Espresso – Colombie

Single-origin Colombian coffee with an aroma combining heavier sweetness and cocoa bitterness and a taste balancing fruity acidity with bold herbal bitterness.

Planteur des Tropiques Espresso – Colombie

A great, refreshing espresso with an aroma of sweet cereals, zesty citrus and creamy chocolate that is complemented by a well-balanced taste of sweet citrus acidity and velvety sweetness.

Barista – Macondo Colombia

This single origin Colombia is sweet, bitter and spicy on the nose while the taste is dominated by sharp bitterness and citrusy acidity.

Café Royal – Colombia

This single origin Colombia makes an espresso with malty sweetness on the nose and lasting cocoa bitterness on the palate.

Yauco – Colombia

This single origin Colombia brings sweetness on the nose, followed by intense acidity and rough bitterness of darkly roasted coffee.