Colonna – Don Sabino, Costa Rica

A superb, modern with intense and well-balanced aroma with notes of chocolate, sweet figs, fresh cherries, baked apples and oriental spices. The taste brings fresh limes, oranges and berries, mellow sweetness and a cocoa finish.

Caffé Corsini – Costa Rica

An espresso with aroma combining the sweetness of caramel and amaretto with notes of nuts and smokiness. The taste is not fully balanced, with the darker roast bitterness, creamy sweetness and light acidity.

Jumbo – Costa Rica

A mild espresso with an aroma of sweet cherries, cereals and wood and a subtle taste.

Eterna – Costa Rica

A single origin Costa Rica that makes an unusual, filtered-coffee-like cup of espresso. It is mild and sweet on the nose while creamy and balanced on the palate.