Colonna – Sasaba, Ethiopia

An excellent, modern espresso with a mellow aroma combines creamy sweetness with notes of cherries and a hint of spices. The taste is complex with notes of zest, sweet cherries and cocoa.

Nespresso Master Origin – Ethiopia

Single-origin coffee with smooth and superbly balanced aroma combining sweet and fresh berries with dark chocolate. The taste brings together fresh acidity of passion fruit and sweet lime with the sweetness of caramel and dark cocoa bitterness.

Nespresso – Arabica Ethiopia Harrar

An intense, sweet and fruity espresso with notes of ripe cherries, cereals, almonds and dark chocolate in the aroma and a taste bringing rounded and dry bitterness mellowed by creamy sweetness and a hint of ripe fruits.

Jumbo – Ethiopia

A rather underwhelming espresso with a heavy aroma and an unbalanced taste.

Terres de Café – Yeti Moka Bio, Ethiopie

An exquisitely complex espresso with an aroma of rich caramel, zesty bergamot, ripe sour cherries and dark cocoa. The taste combines dark cocoa bitterness with the juicy acidity of red currants.

Colonna – Kochere Natural, Ethiopia

Kochere has an aroma which combines rich, fruity acidity of cherries with the sweetness of plum and strawberry jams and spicy chocolate and a taste of juicy strawberries, rhubarb pie and notes of black tea.

Café Royal – Ethiopia

This single origin Ethiopia delivers a decent cup of espresso with dark-roast coffee bitterness and notes of sweet fruits.

La Mocca Caffé – Ethiopia

This single origin Ethiopia delivers rather underwhelming coffee with intense acidity and a lack of depth and aromas.