L’Or Espresso – Guatemala

Single-origin Guatemalan coffee with a pleasant aroma of sugary sweetness, cinnamon, oak and cherries. The taste brings dark-roast bitterness and the dry acidity of apple cider.

Colonna – San Rafael COE, Guatemala

An espresso with a mild aroma offering creamy sweetness, nutty notes and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines cocoa bitterness, winey acidity and a dry finish.

CafĂ© Royal – Guatemala

A mild and light-bodied espresso with a combination of caramel sweetness, touch of cocoa and hints of fruitiness both on the nose and on the palate.

Colonna – Los Robles, Guatemala

This single estate Guatemala is another expression of excellent, modern espresso from Colonna. It is packed with rich fruitiness of red berries and sweetness of chocolate.