Nespresso – Aged Sumatra

An espresso with an intensely earthy aroma with notes of molasses, green walnuts, wood and smoke. The taste offers bitterness, sweetness and complex flavours of Pu’er teas.

Nespresso Master Origin – Indonesia

Single-origin coffee with a robust and intense aroma that brings together the sweetness of ripe fruits and molasses with more subtle notes of roasted barley, vanilla and chocolate. The taste offers intense bitterness of darkly-roasted coffee, cocoa and burnt toffee.

Jumbo – Indonesia

Coffee with a low-intensity aroma combining dark roast bitterness with light sweetness and a starkly acidic and intensely bitter taste.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Sumatra

An exceptionally complex espresso offering well-balanced sweetness and juicy acidity of ripe fruits in combination with light cocoa bitterness.

Jones Brothers – Sumatra

This single origin Sumatra is a great example of speciality coffee from Indonesia. It offers a full-bodied cup of espresso with sweet cereal notes and complex aromas.