Carrefour – Kenya

An espresso with a balanced aroma of dark-roast bitterness and cereal sweetness and a sharp taste with lemony acidity and intense bitterness.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Kenya

An excellent modern espresso showcasing rich fruitiness and bold cocoa. The aroma brings the fig jam and ripe garden fruits while the taste offers zesty and sweet limes and grapefruits.

Carte Noire Espresso – Kenya

A well-balanced espresso with aroma combining dark cherries with the sweetness of molasses and the dark roast bitterness. The taste balances fruity acidity with the cocoa bitterness and sweet chocolate.

Taylors – Citrus Gold Kenya

This single origin Kenya makes an espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma of malt and toffee and intense citrusy acidity.

Taylors – Kenya

The single origin Kenya makes delicate and well-balanced coffee with notes of red berries and chocolate.