Colonna – Rimiro Natural, Burundi

A naturally processed, single-origin espresso with a cake-like aroma combining sweet pears and peaches with cocoa and cinnamon. The taste brings notes of peaches, tropical fruits and dark chocolate.

Colonna – Sasaba, Ethiopia

An excellent, modern espresso with a mellow aroma combines creamy sweetness with notes of cherries and a hint of spices. The taste is complex with notes of zest, sweet cherries and cocoa.

Colonna – Sitio Pirapitinga, Brazil

An excellent espresso with a mellow aroma bringing creamy sweetness and a touch of fruity jam. The taste combines stewed berries and baked apples with cocoa bitterness and toffee sweetness.

Jones Brothers – Noir (new edition)

A darkly roasted espresso with well-balanced aroma of roasted barley, cinnamon sugar, nuts in caramel, mild bitterness and the sour cherry acidity. The taste is intense, creamy and pleasantly bitter while keeping toffee sweetness and citrus acidity.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – The Espresso (new)

Coffee with a mellow aroma that combines cereals and milk chocolate with fruity cherries and cocoa. The taste brings together acidity of sweet limes and green apples, sweetness of milk chocolate and mild bitterness of cocoa and apricot kernels.

Pellini Espresso – Absolute

A pleasantly intense, Italian-style espresso with well-balanced aroma dominated by caramel and cereal sweetness, nuts and spices. The taste brings fresh, fruity acidity, creamy sweetness and mild bitterness.

Colonna – Las Laderas, El Salvador

Single-origin coffee from El Salvador with an aroma bringing together heavier, malty notes with milk chocolate, nuts, cocoa and light, fruity acidity. Its taste is mild and well-balanced, with fruity acidity, robust sweetness and pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Snack by Yardstick Coffee – Butter Pecan Cookies

An exquisite modern espresso with mellow and well-balanced aroma bringing together toffee sweetness, sweet acidity of blueberries and notes of cashew and pecan nuts. The taste combines juicy apple acidity with rich nougat.

Colonna – Gakenke, Burundi

A modern espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma of cocoa and berries and a taste combining juicy acidity and rich dark chocolate.

Jones Brothers – Honduras

An exquisite modern espresso with a rich aroma full of cocoa, caramel, walnuts and fruits and a taste bringing together juicy acidity and fruity sweetness with pleasant cocoa bitterness.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Kenya

An excellent modern espresso showcasing rich fruitiness and bold cocoa. The aroma brings the fig jam and ripe garden fruits while the taste offers zesty and sweet limes and grapefruits.

Nespresso – Rosabaya de Colombia

An espresso with an aroma combining caramel, cocoa, spices and floral notes and a taste offering citrus acidity, cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Pellini Espresso – Magnifico

A smooth, darkly roasted espresso with aroma balancing toffee sweetness with amaretto bitterness and light acidity. The taste brings together dark chocolate, bitter almonds and velvety crème caramel.

Pellini Espresso – Supremo

An intense, Italian-style espresso with aroma full of caramel sweetness and notes of walnuts and spices and a well-balanced taste combining light acidity with pleasant bitterness.

Colonna – Huatusco, Mexico

A surprising espresso with a Champagne-like, dry acidity and cocoa notes on the palate and an aroma combining raspberries and toffee.

Colonna – Kochere Natural, Ethiopia

Kochere has an aroma which combines rich, fruity acidity of cherries with the sweetness of plum and strawberry jams and spicy chocolate and a taste of juicy strawberries, rhubarb pie and notes of black tea.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – The Espresso

An intense and rich modern espresso with an aroma combining fruity acidity and pleasant sweetness of plum jam with the dark chocolate. The full-bodied taste has the acidity and sweetness of a home-made apricot preserve and bold, dark cocoa.

Planteur des Tropiques Espresso – Colombie

A great, refreshing espresso with an aroma of sweet cereals, zesty citrus and creamy chocolate that is complemented by a well-balanced taste of sweet citrus acidity and velvety sweetness.

Jones Brothers – Gigolo

Pleasantly complex espresso with sweet aroma of dark sugar complemented by cocoa, cinnamon, nuts and wood. The taste balances cocoa with sweet, fruity acidity of red apples.

L’Or Espresso – Splendente

An espresso that is complex and rich yet smooth and mellow. It has an aroma of rich fruit jam and chocolate cake and a taste that combines dark cherries with dark chocolate and toffee.

Nespresso – Volluto

An excellent espresso with a well-balanced aroma of rich sweetness, mellow acidity and chocolate bitterness. The taste is rounded and full, showcasing juicy and sweet citrus and creamy cocoa.