Colonna – Don Sabino, Costa Rica

A superb, modern with intense and well-balanced aroma with notes of chocolate, sweet figs, fresh cherries, baked apples and oriental spices. The taste brings fresh limes, oranges and berries, mellow sweetness and a cocoa finish.

Nespresso Master Origin – Ethiopia

Single-origin coffee with smooth and superbly balanced aroma combining sweet and fresh berries with dark chocolate. The taste brings together fresh acidity of passion fruit and sweet lime with the sweetness of caramel and dark cocoa bitterness.

Colonna – La Granja, Colombia

An exquisite espresso with mellow aroma of butter-cookies followed by fruity red-berry acidity, cocoa and floral notes. The taste combines sweet limes and soft, fresh dates with the velvety dark-cocoa truffles.

Terres de CafĂ© – Yeti Moka Bio, Ethiopie

An exquisitely complex espresso with an aroma of rich caramel, zesty bergamot, ripe sour cherries and dark cocoa. The taste combines dark cocoa bitterness with the juicy acidity of red currants.

Roastworks Coffee Co. – Sumatra

An exceptionally complex espresso offering well-balanced sweetness and juicy acidity of ripe fruits in combination with light cocoa bitterness.